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This one is as simple as Backport dar, except that there is a missing build dependency from stable: debhelper 5. debhelper was already backported so you just have to install it:

aptitude install debhelper/sarge-backports

Beware though that when using dh_gconf (eg for Gnome packages), there is a bug. What's its status now?

Trick 1: Uploaders

To see your backports in your Debian QA page (eg [1]), add your e-mail in the debian/control files as well:

Uploaders: Sylvain Beucler <>

(source: [2])


Then, the package builds cleanly:

dch -i
debuild -us -uc

Trick 2: changelog entries in .changes

You may want to includes the last 2 changelog entries in his your .changes files (yours + the last upstream one, instead of just yours). This is nice, because you know what improvements you can get just by reading the mail notification:

debuild -us -uc -v27+28pre16-1

Currently you need to manually specify the version, I don't know of an automated way to do so, even though it's shouldn't be hard to do.


One way to share your backport is to upload it at

dput mentors dar_2.3.0-5~bpo.1_i386.changes

You need to give the -sa option to debuild so it includes the source tarball; otherwise, will reject your upload.

kaol also suggested to so a source-only package, since your sponsor will rebuild the package anyway:

debuild -S -sa
dput mentors wireless-tools_28-1~bpo.1_source.changes

For the same reason, there's no issue with uploading an orig.tar.gz file even if there's already one at bpo.

When you're done, please send a direct link to the .dsc file, as given by mentors.d.o's template generator: